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Corporate Package | Fleet Management | The Most Professional GPS Tracker Service Provider in Bangladesh

Corporate Package | Fleet Management | The Most Professional GPS Tracker Service Provider in Bangladesh

TK2,500  TK5,000

  • All best features for personal / corporate vehicles

  • Live Tracking / Engine Lock / Mileage report

  • 24/7 Customer Support / Home Service Install  


Harness Efficiency: Corporate Fleet Management Solutions:  

“Unlocking Operational Excellence: Introducing Our Corporate Fleet Management Solutions for Enhanced Efficiency and Security”  

Introducing our Corporate Package, the ultimate solution for fleet management, offered by the most professional GPS tracker service provider in Bangladesh. With our comprehensive package, streamline your fleet operations and enhance efficiency like never before. Here's why our Corporate Package stands out:  

  • Real-time Precision: Get updates every 10 seconds for accurate vehicle monitoring.

  • Comprehensive Live Tracking: Keep an eye on your vehicles 24/7, anywhere, anytime.  


  • Enhanced Security Measures: 

    Block the engine via SMS to prevent unauthorized use.  

  • Instant Notifications:

    Stay in the loop with alerts for engine start/off events.  

  • Customized Geo-Fences:

    Set unlimited boundaries for specific areas and receive notifications.  

  • Historical Route Playback:

    Review past routes and activities with multi-vehicle track replay.  

  • Advanced Mapping Features:

    Utilize Google Maps for detailed location visualization.  

  • Speed Monitoring and Alerts:

    Receive notifications for over-speeding to ensure safe driving.  

  • Efficient Mileage Tracking:

    Optimize fuel usage and maintenance schedules for cost savings.  

  • Engine Status Updates:

    Stay updated on vehicle engine status for timely maintenance.

  • Long-Term Data Storage:

    Preserve tracking data for at least 6 months for historical analysis.  

  • Accurate Location Identification:

    Access precise longitude and latitude coordinates.  

  • Multi-Platform Access:

    Monitor data conveniently from desktops, Android, and iOS devices.  

  • Versatile Application:

    Enjoy flexible tracking and management with mobile apps and web platforms.  

  • Diverse Map Views:

    Choose from various map views to suit your preferences.  

  • Visual Status Indicators:    

    Identify vehicle statuses at a glance with color-coded indicators.

  • GPS Tracker Platform: 

    Utilize m. Tracker Pro is a reliable platform ensuring robust tracking and management solutions.

  • Warranty: 

    1 Year device replacement warranty

    5 Years service warranty


GPS Tracker Reports in Corporate Package, the best reports list in Bangladesh

  • Geo-fence report: Ensure security with detailed monitoring of designated areas.

  • Vehicle various speed statistics: Promote safe driving habits with comprehensive speed data analysis.

  • Vehicle parking time and address report: Optimize resource allocation and management with precise parking information.

  • Vehicle daily running info report: Track vehicle usage patterns for operational efficiency improvements.

  • Vehicle passing through specified locations: Increase visibility and security by monitoring vehicle movements in designated areas.

  • Driver overtime fatigue driving report: Ensure driver well-being and safety by identifying fatigue


GPS Tracker Service provided by m. Store

  • 24/7 Call Center Support: Enjoy continuous assistance and troubleshooting with round-the-clock call center support.

  • 1 Year Device Guarantee and Lifetime Service Warranty: Rest assured with our commitment to quality and reliability, backed by a one-year device guarantee and lifetime service warranty.

  • Coverage Across Whole Bangladesh: Experience seamless tracking and support services across the entire nation of Bangladesh.

  • Home Service Available Anywhere in Bangladesh: Benefit from convenient home service options, ensuring accessibility and ease of device maintenance and support, no matter where you are in Bangladesh.


GPS Tracker Monthly Charge and Installation Charges:

Monthly Charge: 350 Tk: Enjoy affordable monthly charges for uninterrupted GPS tracking services.


Installation Charge:

  • Inside Dhaka: Get installed for just 300 Tk, ensuring cost-effective setup within the capital city.
  • Near Dhaka: Avail installation at 500 Tk, providing convenient setup near the capital region.
  • Outside Dhaka: Benefit from installation services at 1000 Tk, extending coverage to areas outside the Dhaka region.

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7 review(s) for "Corporate Package | Fleet Management | The Most Professional GPS Tracker Service Provider in Bangladesh"

Yes, our Corporate Fleet Management Solution offers comprehensive tools to efficiently manage your vehicle fleet, enhancing productivity and reducing operational complexities.

Yes, our solution integrates GPS tracking technology, allowing you to monitor the location and movement of your fleet vehicles in real-time, ensuring optimal operational oversight.

Yes, our solution comes equipped with advanced security features such as geo-fencing, providing an extra layer of protection against theft and unauthorized vehicle usage.

Yes, our solution includes features like fuel monitoring and route optimization, enabling you to identify inefficiencies and reduce operational costs, thereby improving your bottom line.

Yes, our solution is highly customizable to fit your specific business requirements, ensuring that you get the features and functionalities that align with your unique operational needs and goals.

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