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Dashboard Sticky Mat

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Product Description:

Organised Living: Gone are the days when your devices, pens, keys etc slided off your car seat or got stuck below it or even worse underneath your pedal. Say hello to organised living with the anti slip car dashboard mats that clings on to your dashboard or any surface for that matter and holds fast your useful item such as phones, keys and other tiny trinkets on its surface. It is a slip proof solution that keeps all your portable things right in front of your eyes which are easy to lose track of otherwise. It can fasten your items securely while you drive and give you a hassle free driving experience without having to worry about your belongings.

Reusable: Unlike most of the other mats being a permanent magnet for dust, this anti slip mat can be washed when it gets dirty and leave no residue. It can be used over and over again until its completely torn to pieces. The pad can be trimmed to smaller different sizes and spaces to suit your requirement and space available on your dashboard/table.

Non-sticky and odourless: Done dealing with non slip pads or gel mats that are not sticky, melt in the hot sun, smell toxic funky odour or leave gooey mess on your dashboard? Don’t think twice, simply get the anti-slip car dashboard mat from fone stuff and it will take all your worries away. This mat is designed to absorb shock and reduce damage to your phone if your car is moving on a difficult terrain. The special silica gel used in the mat makes it truly sticky, heat resistant, cold resistant and super elastic. Its strong adhesion holds your mobile phone, glasses, keys, speakers, MP3 player, bobble-head toy, pens, cosmetics, watches, garage door opener on your dash.

Smart design and functioning: Due to its unique design the mat sticks firmly on the dashboard/surface even if it slopes quite a bit, it is the perfect stocking filler due to its small size yet essential usage. The special silica gel used in designing this product cuts down the need of any adhesive or magnets in your car to keep your useful items from slipping to the corners, giving you a 100% hands free experience.

Product Specifications:

Product Dimensions: 144mm x 86mm x 3mm

Material Used: Silica Gel

Color: Black

Packaging Content:

1 x Dashboard Sticky Mat


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