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Wireless Remote Control 200W Emergency Siren

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Product Description:
  • X 5 is a multi-function alarm system integration. It matches with a 200W balck speaker.The siren is equipped with a new design concept of a wireless remote control, the back-light is uniform, the sound is noise loud; handle firmware built-in 7 kinds of alarm. These key alarm can be CONVERT” key to switch.

  • It’s with simple one button light control on the remote, You can use the PA system by pressing and holding the button on the side of the remote and speaking towards the microphone sound pickup hole. Alarm installation is simple, easy to operate, stable performance,strong power.

  • The car siren speaker can offer 7 loud and clear sounds, includes hooter, fire alarm, ambulance, traffic, police, etc. Please don’t use siren when emergency situation happened.

  • Easy to operate, control the horn with the button. Button A: Tone 1;Button B: Tone 2, press to stop the siren;Button C: Tone 3;Button D: 4 Different Tones, press to change tone

  • Power siren with 12V or car battery. The supply voltage should meet the operating voltage and please make sure the cable connection is correct, or it will not work properly.

  • The sound car siren is handy but loud and clear for its size. Please Not to be used as a replacement for professional equipment siren.

  • The sound car siren is constructed from premium quality materials to ensure maximum strength and durability for long lasting usage


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