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Car Scratch Remover Cloth

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 Product Description :
  •    Car Scratch Remover Cloth repairs scratches from your car.
  •    To remove light paint scratches and scuffs on the clear-coat paint surface of your vehicle.
  •    Only for Surface Scratch. Not For Deep Scratch and Dent.
  •    It is designed to remove defects to this thin outer coat of your car’s finish–like fine scratches to the door handle, door panels.
  •    Or the trunk. Easy to use and comes with materials to repair multiple scratches.
  •    Ready to use! Do not wash cloth! Do not use with water!
  •    Cleans and removes rust stains and spots from: pewter,  gold, chrome, nickel, steel, aluminum copper, brass, bronze, enamel and ceramic tile.
  •    Removes alcohol, water, ink and heat stains from furniture.
  •    Polishes and waxes wood and enamel parts.
  •    Hides surface scratches on wood furniture, enamel  and silver.


Car Scratch Remover Cloth Specifications :
  •    Expiration date : 3 years
  •    Storage : cool and dry place
  •    Size : about 15*11cm


Application method :
  •    METALS – Do not use on plated metals. For all other metals, polish small area and buff with a clean, dry cloth.
  •    AUTOS, TRUCKS, TRACTOR TRAILERS, MOTORCYCLES, WATERCRAFTS- Wash and dry vehicle. Polish metal surfaces with cloth and buff clean with dry cloth. Examples: Chrome trim, stacks, tanks, rims etc. Cloth will become black from oxidation and removal of dirt and stains. This does not reduce the polishing power. Don’t use on clear coat painted surfaces.
  •    Return cloth to poly bag after use, Directions continue on back of card.
  •    STAINS ON WOOD- Rub gently until stain lifts. Make sure to test on small spot for compatibility before using.
  •    Discoloration of cloth does not in any way affect its efficiency.
  •    The darker it gets, the harder it works. Do not use metal-darkened portion of cloth for furniture, porcelain or tile.
  •    This product should be first used on a small hidden area to test for compatibility.


Notes :
  •    Clean up the target area by dry towel firstly (do not mix up water).
  •    Use our product to clean the target area front and back. Our high-tech textile will melt the paint and make it even. Furthermore, the scratch will become week.
  •    Our product may not remove the scratch at 100%. At least, the scratch would be not clear any more.


Packing Content :
  •    1x Car Scratch Remover Cloth


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