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Birds Eye View 360 Degree Camera

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Product Principles:
  • HD 3D 360 degree surround view monitoring system, the four ultra wide angle camera mounted on the vehicle the front,rear,left and right mirror,

  • The vehicle can perceive the surrounding environment, through the virtual scene reconstruction technology,

  • Can be achieved including top, front and back angle of view, view forward / reverse, left and right side view, any virtual view image view a variety of virtual view,

  • Provide a full range of image information around the vehicle for the driver,

  • The driver to eliminate traditional visual dead, make driving more safe and free.

Product Features:
  • 360 degree surround view monitoring system for the driver to provide low-speed, vertical parking, side parking, reversing, narrow access, the surrounding environment,

  • Such as observation of several typical scenes of the auxiliary driving angle image. Through the interconnection with the vehicle bus,

  • The system can be through the speed, stalls, left and right turn signal, far light and other signals, to achieve rapid switching of view / image.

Technical Advantages: 
  • We have advanced technology in 3D environment, automatic view switch, camera clarity, video recording effects and other fields,Our products can give users a good experience.

  • Note: Please comfirm that there is a in-dash monitor or other LCD monitor which can input and display a PAL or NTSC video(RCA interface or HDMI) in your car.

  • The video output of this product only fit for the Monitors which with RCA and HDMI interface, please check your car’s monitor carefully.

  • (Generally, the video input interface of “original car monitor” is LVDS or other else. And the car monitor(DVD, GPS Navigation) which you bought separately has a RCA interface).

  • If you want other vehicle 3D models and angle-adjustable side-view cameras

Packaging Content:
  • 1 x 4 pcs camera

  • 1 x processor

  • 1 x remote with sensor and required wire


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