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Standard Package | GPS Tracker | Best GPS Tracker Service in Bangladesh

Standard Package | GPS Tracker | Best GPS Tracker Service in Bangladesh

TK2,000  TK4,000

* Real-time Tracking: Get live updates on vehicle locations instantly.

* Detailed Reports: Access mileage and speed data effortlessly.

* Enhanced Security: Ensure vehicle safety with features like remote engine lock.



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Ensure road safety and compliance with VTS Price in Bangladesh, offering features like fatigue driving reports and engine on-time statistics.


GPS Tracker Elite Package Features:

Real-time Tracking: 

Experience precise location updates every 30 seconds for accurate monitoring.

Comprehensive Tracking: 

Enjoy 24/7 live tracking capabilities to monitor your vehicles anytime, anywhere.

Enhanced Security: 

Ensure vehicle safety with emergency engine blocking via SMS, preventing unauthorized use.

Proactive Notifications: 

Receive instant alerts for engine start/off events, keeping you informed of vehicle activity.

Customized Boundaries: 

Set unlimited geo-fences to define specific areas and receive notifications when vehicles enter or exit them.

Historical Playback: 

Replay multi-vehicle tracks simultaneously to review past routes and activities for better analysis.

Advanced Mapping: 

Utilize Google Maps street view and satellite view for detailed location visualization.

Speed Monitoring:

Keep track of vehicle speeds and receive alerts for over-speeding to promote safer driving practices.

Mileage Tracking: 

Not Available

Engine Status Insights: 

Stay informed about the current status of vehicle engines for timely maintenance interventions.

Long-Term Data Preservation: 

Store tracking data for a minimum of 6 months, enabling historical performance analysis.

Precise Location Data: 

Access accurate longitude and latitude coordinates for pinpoint location identification.

Multi-Platform Access: 

Monitor data from desktops, Android mobile devices, and iOS devices for convenient accessibility.

Versatile Application: 

Utilize both mobile apps and web applications for flexible tracking and management.

Diverse Map Views: 

Choose from different map views to suit your preferences and tracking needs.

Immediate Alerts: 

Receive SMS alerts to ensure prompt notification of critical events.

Visual Status Indicators: 

Identify vehicle statuses at a glance with different colors representing running, stopped, or idling vehicles.

GPS Tracker Platform: 

Utilize Sino Track Proa reliable platform ensuring robust tracking and management solutions.


GPS Tracker Reports in Elite Package, the best features list in Bangladesh

No Report Available.


GPS Tracker Service provided by m. Store

24/7 Call Center Support: Enjoy continuous assistance and troubleshooting with round-the-clock call center support.

1 Year Device Guarantee and Lifetime Service Warranty: Rest assured with our commitment to quality and reliability, backed by a one-year device guarantee and lifetime service warranty.

Coverage Across Whole Bangladesh: Experience seamless tracking and support services across the entire nation of Bangladesh.

Home Service Available Anywhere in Bangladesh: Benefit from convenient home service options, ensuring accessibility and ease of device maintenance and support, no matter where you are in Bangladesh.


GPS Tracker Monthly Charge and Installation Charges:

Monthly Charge: 350 Tk: Enjoy affordable monthly charges for uninterrupted GPS tracking services.


Installation Charge:

  • Inside Dhaka: Get installed for just 300 Tk, ensuring cost-effective setup within the capital city.
  • Near Dhaka: Avail installation at 500 Tk, providing convenient setup near the capital region.
  • Outside Dhaka: Benefit from installation services at 1000 Tk, extending coverage to areas outside the Dhaka region.

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1 review(s) for "Standard Package | GPS Tracker | Best GPS Tracker Service in Bangladesh"

Yes, GPS trackers offer real-time monitoring capabilities for vehicles in Bangladesh.

Yes, GPS trackers can provide detailed reports on mileage and speed for vehicles in Bangladesh.

Yes, GPS trackers often include security features such as remote engine lock for enhanced vehicle security in Bangladesh.

Yes, GPS trackers are compatible with a wide range of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and motorcycles, in Bangladesh.

Yes, using and installing GPS trackers in vehicles is generally legal in Bangladesh.

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