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Micro Fiber Cleaning and Washing Towel

TK169 TK220


SKU: M2337

Categories: Washing

Tags: Cleaning & Washing

Product Description:
This car microfiber towel set is efficient and reusable. You can not only use one to clean your car or household surfaces. These microfiber towels for cars are an essential tool in maintaining your car’s appearance. It is a perfect microfiber drying towel that achieves beautiful results on paint, plastic, chrome, and glass. The plush car microfiber cloth absorbs much more than regular towels so you can dry effectively with less strokes. The microfiber wash towel provides the quickest and easiest way to effectively dry surfaces or wipe away cleaning products. They come in different colors so you can keep one for every cleaning task. This rags microfiber set is great to keep in the garage or broom closet to keep handy for all of your cleaning needs. This soft large microfiber towel is highly absorbent and traps dirt, dust, and other particles in just one swipe. These auto microfiber towels also minimize lint, streaks, and scratches. The soft microfiber material of these microfiber car towels don’t require any cleaning products to effectively clean. Unlike paper towels or disposable cleaning rags, these rag microfiber cleaning cloths are machine washable and can be reused over and over without losing absorbency.


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