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HGKJ Car Glass Deep Cleanser

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Product Description:

  •  See the Road Clearly: Quickly and Effectively remove grease, bugs, sap, grime, dirt, adhesives, haze of car glass.
  •  Effectively Removes: Glass Water Stains, Deep oil pollution,Dried-in Soap Scum, Silicon and Chemicals, Smudges, Dirt, Streaks, Grease, Grime, and more from all your glass surfaces.
  •  Multi-function and Used Widely: Suitable for Car Glass, including Windshield, Side Window, Rearview Mirror, Bathroom Glass, Kitchen Tools Surface.
  •  Easy to use: This Glass Deep Cleanser is a customer-preferred product when it is time to clean glass. 3Pcs fully meets the needs of one car.
  •  The product is formulated with a series of surfactants and diatomite nano-particles through high efficiency homogenization at high temperature.

Effectively Removes:

 Glass Water Stains

 Deep oil pollution

 Dried-in Soap Scum

 Silicon and Chemicals


  •  Clean the glass with water
  •  Open HGKJ Glass Deep Cleanser, using the Soft Pad to polish all the glasses in circular motion by piece under moderate pressure ( This is apply a layer of the cleaner liquid in order to penetrate deposit water spots and dust etc. )
  •  It is recommended to start with windshield glass and rear windshield glass before going into the side panel and quarter glass .
  •  If the Soft Pad become dry , add small amount of clean water (10 ml) into the pad and continue applying to complete all glasses .
  •  One pack of HGKJ Nano Glass Deep Cleanser sufficient for all the glasses of the whole car.
  •  Using the same Soft Pad apply in a circular motion with moderate pressure to remove deposit and spot etc .
  •  Rinse all glass panels completely .


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