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Flamingo Crystal Liquid wax

TK350 TK600


SKU: M4040

Categories: Washing

Tags: Cleaning & Washing

Product Description:
  •  This polish wax can remove dirt & dust powerfully to restore original shiny colors of car bodies with easy application. Applicable to various metal product surfaces for clean and beautiful finishing. This product can safely and effectively remove the oxidized layer, rust and light scratches on car body. It performs well on decontaminating; polishing, water-proof, anti-static, anti-oxidation. It can provide a lasting protective film on the surface, widely applied to car care, wooden-product and electroplating goods’ care. It can be used on wood, steel, artificial, plastic.

Usage Direction:
  •  Wash entire car and wipe off water residue.
  •  Shake well bottle and take wax onto sponge. Apply as thinly and evenly on paint surface.
  •  Rub with appropriate pressure to remove swirls and dirt.
  •  After half dry, buff with dry soft cloth for finish.
Packaging Content:
  •  1 x 473ml Flamingo Crystal Liquid wax.


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