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Car Dent Repair Kit

TK999  TK1,200


Product Description:
Product Type: Dent Repair Kit.
This is a paintless dent repair kit.
Included 3 pcs different size glue tabs + 1 pc knockdown.
Easy to use, everyone can use it.
The handle has a polygon design better for a car repair tool.
Paintless repairing car dent body does not damage the original paint.
Different sizes of tabs can repair the different size of the dent.
Not only can you repair all kinds of cars.
Also, we can repair the refrigerator, washing machine, motorcycle dent and so on.
Suit for dent size within 14cm.
Clean the damaged surface with a damp clean cloth.
You have to put the glue to gun and heat (also it need about 5-10min).
Pull the trigger and apply the drawing gasket with extruded glue.
Immediately place the pan in the center of the dent and hold until sticks.
Place the stem of the pad through hole pulling bridge and screw knob.
Tighten knob until pad pops off.
Clean the surface.
Bridge Puller Size: 220mm x 52mm.
Screw Cap Size: 32mm x 21mm.
Glue Tabs Size: 65mm x 22mm/65mm x 25mm/65mm x 30mm.
Tap Down Pen Size: 65mm x 8mm.

Package includes:
1 x Bridge puller.
1 x Tap down the pen.
1 x Screwcap.
2 x Glue tabs.
1 x Glue stick.
Color: As same as the picture.


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