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Car Wiper Blade

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SKU: M2211

Categories: Interior & Exterior

Tags: Interior & Exterior

Product Description:

First of all Car Wiper Blade is Streak Free Wipe.

Also it is visible in all weather.

Furthermore it is Symmetrical Wind Spoiler.

Most noteworthy it provides Maximum Screen Contact.

Bracketless Design.

Smooth Glide Coating.

Aero Flat Blade Concept.

Natural Rubber.

Aerodynamic Fin.

Robust & Durable.

The frame-less wiper without frame disperses pressure through a guide force Stripe, so the wiper accepts force equally, which decreases water streaks and scratches to the traditional wiper.

Compared to traditional wipers, Frameless wiper is anti-sunburn, simple-structure, easily-installed and light. Frameless wiper is more longevous, economic and authentic.

Car Wiper Blade Specifications:

SKU: A014-01-19

Condition: 100% Brand New

Color: Black (As Pic)

Dual rubber and flexible soft layer design(As Pic)

Blade: Aero Flat

Fitment: Hook Only

Model: AP Wipers

Packaging Content:

1 x Wiper Blade


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