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Car Windshield Cleaning Washer Tablet (10 Pis)

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SKU: M4214

Categories: Cleaning & Washing

Product Description:
Our car windshield clean effervescent tablet will bring your much convenience, only 1 piece tablet with 4 liters of water, you will get 4 liters of windshield glass washer, it can clean and lubricate the glass, greatly reducing the friction of the wiper blade and glass, and comprehensive protection to meet your long-term needs
Convenient to operate: just put one piece of car windshield clean effervescent tablet into the wiper can, then pour proper amount of water, or you can dissolve the windshield cleaner with a small container, then pour the dissolved cleansing fluid into the wiper jar and fill it with water, this will dissolve faster and more thoroughly
Good function: this car wash effervescent tablet has strong dirt removing performance, can effectively clean the harmful and stagnant dirt even if it is invisible
Size information: our effervescent tablets are approx. 0.6 inch/ 1.5 cm in diameter, small dimension and light weight, won't take up extra spaces and easier to carry compared with the traditional cleaning solution
Functional usage: these car wash effervescent tablets are good automotive glass cleaning tools, kitchen cleaner, window cleaner, tile cleaner and mirror cleaner, a functional integrated cleaner for removing and cleaning the kitchen or floor stain


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