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Carall Omnibus Diffuser | 160 ml:

“Discover the Carall Omnibus Diffuser: Enhance Your Driving Experience”

Key Features:

  • Transform your car into a sanctuary with the Carall Omnibus Diffuser
  • Enjoy a refreshing atmosphere with every drive
  • Effortlessly eliminates unwanted odors, leaving behind a pleasant aroma

Specifications of the Carall Omnibus Diffuser (160 ml):

  • Capacity: 160 ml
  • Country of Origin: Manufactured in Japan 
  • Fragrance: Diamond Wood, Gold Osmanthus, White Musk
  • Usage: Effortlessly eliminates unwanted odors for a pleasant driving experience
  • Design: Sleek and modern design complements any car interior
  • Easy to Use: Simply plug in and enjoy the benefits
  • Affordable: Luxury experience at an accessible price point

About this item:

  • Automotive reed diffuser that spreads the scent from the sticks
  • Should be placed in the car cup holder
  • The original design and the authentic blended scent wraps you in the real world

How to use the Carall Omnibus Diffuser:

  • Fill the diffuser with your preferred fragrance oil.
  • Plug the diffuser into your car's power outlet.
  • Turn on your car's power and enjoy the refreshing aroma.
  • Adjust the intensity of the fragrance as desired.
  • Refill the diffuser as needed to maintain a pleasant ambiance throughout your journey.

Carall Omnibus Diffuser (160ml) by m.Store


Carall Omnibus Diffuser (160ml) price in BD

Carall Omnibus Diffuser (160ml) in BD

Carall Omnibus Diffuser (160ml) price in Bangladesh

Carall Omnibus Diffuser (160ml) in Bangladesh

Carall Omnibus Diffuser (160ml) by m. Store  


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