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Car interior Dust Cleaning Gel

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SKU: M4261

Categories: Washing

Product Description:

1. The product can be cleaned and cleaned by the car interior. The keyboard and mouse buttons of the computer can remove the stains and dust on the surface, or digital devices. The surface of the LCD screen has black spots and fine dust.
2. Main uses: cleaning computer keyboards, automotive interiors, mobile phones, telephones, audio-visual equipment, office equipment and other items.
3. Universal cleaning gel can effectively absorb dust and dust, can be used repeatedly, and effectively cleans dead corner stubborn dust. The canned seal is intimately designed, put back into the can after use, easy to carry and easy to store, and easy to store.
4. The product can easily take away the dust inside the car, the steering wheel, air conditioning air outlet, center console, door handle, function buttons, storage compartment, etc..
5. The product has strong viscosity, strong adsorption of corner dust, no damage to the surface of the article


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