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Car Comfortable Back Support | 1 Piece
Car Comfortable Back Support | 1 Piece
Car Comfortable Back Support | 1 Piece
Car Comfortable Back Support | 1 Piece

Car Comfortable Back Support | 1 Piece

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Categories:Interior Decoration, Comfortable

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Product Description:

The ergonomic 3D curve design of the car lumbar support can effectively support your lumbar and back, help you maintain the correct posture in the car seat or office seat.The high-grade memory foam that lines the interior of the cushion absorbs jolts from rough road conditions including potholes, uneven pavement, and off-roading conditions. It can relieve the back bone pressure of long driving and sitting.

The surface of the lumbar support is made of perforated A-grade cowhide, which is skin-friendly, breathable, soft and comfortable. The high-grade memory foam filled inside provides you with customized comfort. It adds extra longevity to the lumbar support. After several hours of continuous use, the seat cushion is still in the best shape to provide you with a comfortable driving experience. The durability of the foam makes it ideal for users with lower back injuries or chronic pain.

Lumbar support is very suitable for use in car seats, office seats, travel, family, study and long sitting. After using the lumbar support, it effectively relieves back and waist pain, numbness and tension during driving and sitting for a long time. Let you relax and comfort in your chair rest time.The high-grade memory foam helps to absorb shock from the bumps in the road, isolating sensitive backs from potentially-painful driving experiences.

This kind of lumbar support can adjust the angle of the back of the car seat according to your height and most comfortable sitting posture in order to achieve the best use effect and the best feeling.

Packaging Content:

  • 1 x Car Comfortable Back Support

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