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10H Ceramic Coating

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Categories: Washing, Interior & Exterior

Tags: Cleaning & Washing

【SCRATCH RESISTANCE】Super Hydrophobic Anti-Scratch 9H Diamond Hardness
【CAR SURFACE PROTECTOR】Anti-scratch Car Polish Liquid allows you to clean and protects your surface against sun staining and water spots,repair scratches, anti-static,anti-acid rain, glazing, anti-ultraviolet,anti-wear, anti-high temperature,and anti-oxidation.
【EASY TO USE】Apply in srtaight lines,make sure to apply 1-2 drops whenever the sponge feels dry or you can't see any product being applied to the surface
【High Gloss】After use this car liquid ceramic,the surface of car will forming a layer of crystals, like a mirror, forming a mirror full reflection effect, make it brightening 2 times
【NOTE】Included 30ml Car Coating Ceramic and a Sponge.Kindly Note:lease do not touch or wet treated surface in next 12 hours; If you wanna remove it, use POLISH WAX will be ok.

Package include:
1x Car Ceramic Coating Kit


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